4 x 4 Route - TACTICS

Contact Renier : 065 047 6418

The aim of 4x4 tactics is to provide 4x4 owners a practice area with obstacles that you will find on your 4x4 adventures.


First time adventurers may find some of the obstacles too daunting but we encourage all riders to go outside their comfort zone.

Our track is designed to be technical and challenging. Come and test you and your vehicles capability in a safe and controlled environment before you take on the rugged bush veld.

Bring your 4x4 trailer or caravan and test your skills on our track. Exercise your reversing skills or just enjoy the obstacles.

Book a trainer for groups to lead and teach you through the track. Trainers provide critical leadership, tips and tricks to further your skill.

And once you done feel free to enjoy a family lunch or dinner at the restaurant or a ice cold beer at the bar. Camping facilities are available for those that want to enjoy the night sky of the West Coast away from all the noise & lights of the city.

To find out more about our rates, course options and our night trips:  

For more information or to book

your adventure please mail us


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